Service Information


About Purchasing Tickets

Q1. How do I pick up tickets? / How do I pay for tickets?
Please see here for details.

Q2. Is it possible to specify (choose) seats?
When purchasing tickets on the Internet, there are three options you can choose from when selecting seats: Specified Seat, Specified Block, and Unspecified.
However, when making reservations over a cellphone, Specified Seat and Specified Block are unavailable for all performances. The system assigns all seats automatically (Unspecified).
In addition, depending on the performance, please understand that it may not be possible to specify your seat.

Q3. Is it possible to purchase tickets for several different performances at the same time?

When purchasing tickets over the Internet, it is possible to purchase tickets for different performances at the same time if they have a mark, indicating that they can be purchased using the online cart.

Q4. After making my ticket reservations, I didn’t receive a confirmation email.
Please make inquiries at the email address below.

Depending on the email software or provider you use, the confirmation email may be redirected to your spam folder. Please be sure to check your spam folder before contacting us.

If you have set your spam filters to accept only specified email addresses or domains, the confirmation email will not be delivered. Please either remove the settings, or add the domain “” in order to receive our emails.

Q5. If I don’t pick up my ticket by the cut-off date, what happens to my reserved seat?
The reservation itself becomes invalid. Please be sure to pick up your tickets by the cut-off date.

Q6. I made a reservation, but I want to change some details or cancel the reservation.
Changes and cancellations are not possible once a reservation has been completed (or your credit card has been charged).