Service Information


Art. 1. Definitions

Art. 2. The Scope and the Change of the terms

Art. 3. Suspension and Cessation of the services

Art. 4. Prohibited Actions

Art. 5. Indemnification

Art. 6. Copyright Use

Art. 7. Personal Information

Us shall handle the customer's personal information in accordance with the Privacy Policy established separately. The customer shall agree to the terms and provisions of the said Privacy Policy.

Art. 8. Governing Law

The agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Japan regarding its conclusion, enforcement, implementation and interpretation.

Art. 9. Jurisdiction

Art. 10. Miscellaneous

The agreement shall take effect at 0:00, May 24, 2016.

*Individual provisions Ticket Sales

Art. 1. Denial of Sales

KTS shall refuse sales of tickets if any of the following applies.

Art. 2. Determination of Selling Method

Restrictions may be imposed on the upper limit of the number of tickets that may be purchased and/or the purchase method, when necessary.

Art. 3. Termination of Ticket Sales

Art. 4. Application with Identical Information

Art. 5. Transmission of Purchase Confirmation email

After completion of the ticket purchasing process, a purchase confirmation email will be sent by us. Notification by email shall be considered complete and received by the customer, when the notice has reached the server managing the email address the customer registered in the ticket order application. Not with standing, the email may not be transmitted in the event of entry of a false email address, entry error or missing data in the order form filled out at ticket purchase application, or in case of data becoming indecipherable or otherwise unreadable in the customer's application data. KTS shall not bear any responsibility for problems such as non-delivery, delivery delay or delivery to the wrong address.

Art. 6. Denial of Change in Purchase Data and Cancellation

KTS shall not accept any change or cancellation in purchase data after completing the ticket purchase application under the services.

Art. 7. Prohibition of Resale

Art. 8. Cancellation of Event and Refund

KTS shall not be held responsible for cancellation or delay of an event or any other change in content or damages incurred by the customer or a third party. If refund for tickets to an event is to be implemented due to cancellation or a change in content, the refund of the tickets shall be made within the intended period specified by us and/or the organizer reimbursement will not be accepted after the end of said period. Moreover, the refund shall be for the value of the cancelled event ticket only and shall not cover other fees and charges, such as delivery surcharge, system service fee, or expenses for accommodations and travel.

Art. 9. Loss or Theft

Tickets shall not be re-issued for any reason (loss, theft, damage, etc.).

Art. 10. Credit Card Payment

The customer who has chosen to pay with a credit card shall be required to undergo a credit card inspection procedure. The sales contract shall be deemed concluded with completion of the credit card inspection procedure. The customer may be denied sale of tickets in the event of entry of false data, entry error or data omission in the ticket order application or if there is a problem in payment with the customer's credit card due to reasons stemming from the terms of service of the credit card company.

Art. 11. Japanese text prioritized

In the event that there is a discrepancy between the English and Japanese text submitted in a reservation or application from, the Japanese text will be prioritized and considered correct.

Art. 12. Miscellaneous

The agreement shall take effect at 0:00, July 7, 2016.

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