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About Personal Information

In order to comply with the Personal Information Protection Law that came into force on 1 April 2005 and to protect customers’ privacy, Odawara Art Foundation(OAF) has reinforced its procedures for handling the personal information of customers.

Main Points regarding the Handling of Personal Information

1. Strict Compliance with the Law

OAF complies with the Personal Information Protection Law and all other related laws, guidelines etc.

2. Organization

As regards the handling of Personal Information and systems relating thereunto, OAF will put in place procedures that strictly protect personal information, by nominating a responsible manager and by clarifying the outlines of the Foundation’s regulations and those of each of its businesses.

3. Collection of Personal Information

When OAF collects Personal Information from customers, it does so based on customers’ explicit understanding of what purpose said Personal Information will be used for, and collects only so much information as is required to fulfill that purpose.

4. Use of Personal Information

When OAF makes use of Personal Information, it uses said Personal Information only within the scope of the intended purpose and does not use it beyond its intended purpose.

5. Security of Personal Information

OAF implements safety measures and preventive actions to protect against the loss, misuse and alteration of customers’ Personal Information.

6. Education and Training of Employees

OAF educates and trains all its employees fully regarding the protection and appropriate management of personal information.

7. Appropriate Supervision of Third Parties

OAF implements the necessary and appropriate supervision of contractors entrusted with the management of customers’ Personal Information.

8. Restrictions on Providing Personal Information to Third Parties

OAF does not disclose or share any Personal Information with third parties without the direct permission of individual customers.

9. Sharing Personal Information

As regards Personal Information entrusted to OAF, in the event that a customer requests the confirmation or amendment of their own Personal Information, OAF will accommodate such requests promptly, provided they are appropriate.